Fears, Doubts, & Worries, and How to Deal with Them

If you put your focus on something you don’t want—your energy is being invested in the lack or fear of not having it.  You are basically informing the universe, ‘I know there is lack, and I am certain I will receive what I don’t want.’ You are certain that the outcome will be the opposite of what you truly desire. This was informed by past events happening to you where things didn’t work out as planned.

Putting energy (or focus) onto the lack will only get you more of ‘not enough.’ This is true through the universal laws of attraction and vibration. You will keep attracting and repeating events in the past, instead of creating a better future. Not enough money, not enough time, not enough opportunities… whatever it might be, your energy is saying that you are certain that it’s not going to happen.


“If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t” – Henry Ford


Now it’ time to flip that way of thinking. Instead of being 100% certain that it WON’T happen, it’s time to build your faith and be 100% certain that it WILL happen. Your success is inevitable.

Of course, fear and doubts will ever be present in our minds, but we can CHOOSE to give them attention or not. Don’t allow past experiences inform your future. Know that receiving contrasting experiences in the past (law of polarity) only happens so that we can gain clarity on what we do want. Allow polarity to give you wisdom, but don't invest in believing that it's your truth. Be grateful for the contrast, because without it, you would not have this clarity. Whenever I receive something that I don’t like, I ask myself ‘how can I learn from this?’ I then apply my wisdom to the future so that I can get what I do want.

Retrain your mind to focus on the outcome of you getting exactly what you want. Firstly, whenever fear/ doubt-based thoughts enter your mind—identify it as just that. Stop it in its tracks and say ‘I know that is my fear talking and I choose faith over fear.’ Thank your fear and acknowledge it’s just trying to protect you, but that it’s only holding me back from what you truly desire.  I personally think writing it down in a journal and ‘releasing’ is a great way to get it out of your system.

Now, turn your attention over to the feeling of having what you desire. Feel the joy and everything about it. How would having what you want improve your life? How would having it help others? Visualize it, and live as though you have already attained it. Your brain has a hard time separating reality vs. imagination. That’s why just thinking of standing near the edge of a cliff is enough to give you sweaty hands and a pounding heart. This is because we are able to imagine what it’d be like to fall off of it. Apply this same ability to imagine, in detail, the feeling of already having our desire. Live as though this is your reality. 

Find someone who is already living your dream life, and observe them. How does this person act? What do they do on a daily basis? What are their habits? It’s good to have these people around because it informs you that your outcome is totally possible. This is why it’s great to surround yourself with people who have already achieved what you’d like to achieve, instead of pushing them away due to jealousy. You’ll learn from them first-hand.  You are no different to the people who have your desire, you are worth of it, and deserve to have it because you are a good person. (side note—success and money don’t change a person they just amplify who you already are.)

It's beneficial to surround yourself with positive affirmations & self-talk so that new beliefs start to sink into your subconscious mind. A lot of our limiting beliefs are buried deep in our subconscious and govern our actions. They control our 'autopilot,' if you will. We can be getting in our own way and sabotaging ourselves without even being conscious of it. Say your new beliefs with confidence and on repeat. This takes consistency so make sure to make a habit of positive self-talk and affirmation. I've created some cute products to help you with this! https://www.mymantramagic.com/collections/all 

Let go of the 'how.' All you need to do is be clear of exactly what you want, believe 100% that it is possible for you and that your success is inevitable, and take inspired action towards it. Things manifest in unexpected ways, and it's not up to us to figure all of that out. Be grateful that it's all being worked out for you. 



-Release your fears and focus on believing that you already have your desire.

-Refocus your thoughts on the feeling of having your desire rather than not having it.

-Imagine everything about having your desire and allow yourself to sit with those feelings. (meditation is good for this, and also allows us to hear our inner guidance when we feel like we need answers.)

-Don’t allow contrasting experiences in the past inform your future. Don’t take it on as your truth. Be grateful for what you have learned and apply this wisdom to the future.

- Surround yourself with other people who have your desire so that your mind has a reference to build certainty. Think 'they have it so it's possible for me to have it too.'

-Allow this certainty to inspire your action towards achieving it.

-Drown yourself in positive affirmations and self-love so that you put energy into abundance and not lack. 

-Be open to ‘how’ you receive. This is the part that we have no control over so surrender this and have faith that the universe is handling that part. This is the nature of co-creation.



Pick a small outcome you’d like to see happen for yourself this week. Put your energy into the belief that your success is 100% certain. Pick something that is easy for you to believe—this will help build an energy of certainty so that you can transfer that energy onto bigger things. It’s a step-by-step process.

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